28kohm resistor


Looks like I can only choose resistor values that already exist in the parts and I don’t see a 28kohm resistor. It is not editable from the new parts editor either. How do I go about this?

You can type any value you need in the inspector window if the resistor is already in a sketch:

Inspector is the lower right window and the resistor needs to be selected in the sketch (as it is here.)


Hi Peter,

This is all I see in the inspector view – it goes from 22k to 33k. See attached.

. And I cannot edit it.

Type 28K over the 22K in the resistance line and it will change the value. The drop down menu is only for standard values.

edit: I should ask what Fritzing version you are using. The above works on 0.9.3b to 0.9.6 (the latest version) earlier versions may be different.