28-Pin Bare PCB SSOP to DIP

Is there a Fritzing part for an SSOP to DIP Adapter 28-pin development PCB

A google search for “fritzing part 28pin SSOP to DIP Adapter” doesn’t turn anything up except ads for commercial ones, but it is trivial to make one in a sketch assuming the ssop28db part pcb footprint matches whatever chip you want. Two 14 pin generic headers on each side of it create such an adapter.


Peter: Not doubting your sources or scan results, but I recently discovered that this board is an Uxcell SSOP4 0.65 28-Pin to DIP Adapter PCB.


This looks like an opportunity for another “generic” IC type part, but will need support from the code. An “SMD Carrier” part with variable number of pins in DIP (or SIP) package for breadboard, with selectible row spacing, and pcb SMD footprint.

I am guessing that @GRenken wants to use the SMD footprint for pcb view, otherwise the generic IC part would be enough. It would provide usable breadboard and schematic representations, but the pcb would also be THT instead of SSOP.

If the specific SSOP part already exists, creating a DIP carrier variation is straight forward. All that would be needed is a new breadboard svg file. If the SSOP part is in core, do not even need to duplicate the other image files. Just modify the fzp definition file to pick up the new breadboard image, but reference the existing images for other views. If there is also an existing part in core with an appropriate breadboard view, no new images should be needed. Just a new fzp definition that picks the correct images from the other parts, has new property value(s) to make it uniquely selectable, and matches the definition connectors to the names in the image files.

That looks like exactly what @vanepp was saying. He found actual physical parts for sale, but not a Fritzing part file. If you have a (reference to a) datasheet for one of those specific adapter pcbs, a Fritzing part could be created from it.

Do you need a part that looks like this in breadboard, or do you want a part that will create one of these in pcb (I would think buying the commercial version would be cheaper)? If you need one that looks like it in breadboard then this one in core parts should do you

if you want to make one just add two 14 pin headers and route it in pcb view like this:

and the sketch:

28ssop-dip-adapter.fzz (15.1 KB)


Peter: Thank you very much for your time helping me. All that I need is the Fritzing part, SSOP28DB shown in the Breadboard Window. Can you give me the parts bin name which contains this set of boards?

Sorry, I see I missed having its data showing in inspector. It is the ssop28db (and used in a variety of other chips):


Thank you Peter! Now I am all set. Everytink is working just fine.