25 hole Breadboard

Can the size of the breadboard be changed other than the drop down? I’m wanting to use one that is 25 holes. 5 by 5.

This needs a new part. I have some of these but haven’t gotten around to making a part yet. Since Qt is screwing me around, perhaps I’ll make one as it looks to have a better chance of working with less frustration than Windows and Qt :slight_smile: .


I was correct this was much easier than Qt :slight_smile: . This isn’t quite right because it doesn’t show up as a selection in Inspector (and it won’t change back to this if you select one of the others) but as a part it works.

Breadboard-5_5-P.fzpz (5.4 KB)


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Thanks a bunch Peter. I thought there was a way to change the number of holes/size of the breadboards, but I just remembered it is the perfboard that one can change.