240V ac power supply source and a bulb

I am doing a smart bulb project and I am using fritzing for my circuit design but l could not find a 240V ac power supply source and a bulb. Can anyone help me with that please. The picture is not pretty clear but tha is what I am looking for !

As always google is your friend. A search for “fritzing part light bulb” (and looking in the images section) turns up this:


which looks to have the parts you need in the temp parts bin. You can export the parts by right clicking them and clicking export part, then use file–>open to load them in to a new sketch.


Thanks for your reply vanepp.
I went to the link you provided but could not get any parts to download there. It is basically a page explaining how to complete a project similar to the one I am doing. I have tried google to but nothing seems to come up for 240V ac power supply source or the light bulb!

Just to say I got the light bulb from the link below. Still looking for 240V ac power source though.

In the top right corner (I had to scroll the page right to see it) there is a download files page which has a Fritzing.fzz file. That file in the temp parts bin has the bulb and a 220V socket used to power it.