2.54 mm single row pin header: which part?

Please help me, I’m going crazy.
I’m looking in “Parts” for a simple standard one row male pins (2.54mm)

I guess I need to find it in “Header”. Unfortunately, when I select one header, I find there are tens of Variants and Packages, and I got lost :frowning:
I do not need SMD but a standard “through hole” piece!
Thanks a lot

If you are going crazy… you may be beyond help and I don’t think I can do much for that.

As for the simple standard one row male pins (2.54mm), I think I may be able to help you out…

In the Core Parts, subtitle Connectors, select Generic Female Headers 2-pins (the first one in the list), then from the many combo boxes you can create a male header by selecting male in the Form list and the number of pins from the Pin list.

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I really really really thank you! It is exactly what I need. I erroneously always looked for this component typing “connector” or “header” in the Search box of Parts. It always showed me tens of pieces (Header 6, Header 4, Header 3, etc), with strange shape and features but never the “Generic Header”. Thanks again.

I don’t know why the Inspector box is so easy to miss, even I missed it when I started.

I think it might be because the options are in grey boxes, so it doesn’t seam like they are active.