1x18 Header for ribbon connector

I’ve only been using Fritzing for a week now so still learning as much as I can…

I am in need of a 18-pin header part to connect a ribbon cable. I’ve searched the library and Internet without success. Did I overlook a part in the library? If not, can anyone advise how I can take an existing part and modify it?


Not sure what the part looks like but how good does it have to be?

If it’s a 0.100" grid, you can probably use the generic female header and switch it to 2 x 9.

I’m a noob so not sure I follow you… my goal is to have a 1x18 male header (through holes in the PCB). Is there an existing part in the library I could modify to create the part I desire?

Have you got a picture, and what do you want to do.

Do you just need the outline and connectors holes in the PCB. Breadboard and sch you can fudge.

In the Core Parts, subtitle Connectors, select Generic Female Headers 2-pins, then from the many combo boxes you can create a 1x18 male header by selecting male in the Form list and the number 18 from the Pin list. If the pitch is something other than 0.1" (2.54mm), you can also select it form the Pin Spacing list.

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