19885 RGB 8x8 LED Matrix Module

Hi, I am looking for some help creating a part for the 19885RGB 8x8 LED matrix module. The data sheet for this module can be found at this link. The data sheet doesn’t clearly indicate it, but pin 1 is the lower right pin looking from behind (lower left pin looking from above) and pin 16 is the lower left looking from behind. Also note that the unit drawing in the data sheet doesn’t appear to be to scale for the pin placements. The actual measurements are correct, but the drawing makes the pins look too close together with respect to the unit’s overall width. But again, the number values for the measurements in the data sheet are verified to be correct (2.54mm *15 does equal 38.1mm) . Here is an image of the backside pins to accompany the data sheet:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Any of these.

Nope. All different sizes (none 48x48 mm) and most not RGB but monocolored.

Any on Goo

There is one on google that is 64mm (and has a number of problems internally). I’m in the process of cutting it down to 48mm and fixing it up …


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Again, no. They are either the wrong size, the wrong pin arrangement, or not RGB. I did look.

This part should do what you need. As always you need to print out the pcb footprint and check it against a real part before ordering boards (because I don’t have one). Of note the holes in pcb are small, 0.025in (standard IC pins are 0.030, and .1 square posts are 0.038) but that is what the original part used and I didn’t change it. If you want bigger holes they can be increased with a simple svg edit.

RGB LED Matrix (8x8) 48mm.fzpz (32.4 KB)


This is beautiful! Thanks!

Do you have any favorite charities I can donate to on your behalf?

I didn’t do all that much, the bulk of the work was in the part I cloned from by someone else from this repro on github (this one is 64mm by 64mm rather than 48*48):