174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070 - Mazda Miata MX5 old 48pin ECU socket -

174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070 - Mazda Miata MX5 old 48pin ECU socket

V1.1174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070.fzpz (29.1 KB)

Added 3 missing mounting holes - holes now appear in drill.txt Gerber
Added missing top copper - now suitable for 2 sided boards.

Part has same id as the old so you have to manually delete the old one if it’s installed.

Very cool! Your parts have me interested in your project. Homemade ECU? Turbo?

It’s an open source Adruino based EMS for around $150 - could be getting cheaper with a new SMT version -, with TunerStudio programmable software.




My beginners guide,

It’s running on golf carts, motorbikes, 4cyl, 6cyl, V8s, turbos.

This is a great idea! Something the race cars might love with a bit of refinement. Oh goodness! Are you making an SMT board based on this project? Assuming you’ll be putting this in a Miata? I’m very curious how this project works out for you. Will you please keep me posted?

I will be digging a bit deeper into this project, when I have I bit more time. Super exciting!

It’s not actually my project, I’m just helping out.

It might sound cheap, but it’s much more powerful than the price suggests.

If you have an old car with factory ECU, you can now replace it cheaply with fully programmable.

I’m not an electronics guy, so a lot goes over my head, but I’m slowly getting with the program.
The problem is that there are no dummy level instructions, so it’s a very steep learning curve for me, but guys like you will snap it up in a second.

TE_Connectors_316370-6_040_II SRS_MK-II_48Pin_CAP-ASSY

V1.0TE_Con_316370-6_040_II SRS_MK-II_48Pin_CAP-ASSY.fzpz (37.0 KB)

I’m not sure if this plug was actually used on a model of car, but it’s the cheapest high count multi pin connector that’s suitable for an aftermarket EMS.

Just to be a pain, would there be any chance of getting Old_Grey’s updated part included in the report for updating?

Try this one.I saved the part as a new part, so it should have a new ID so it can be imported.

174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070.fzpz (25.1 KB)

The latter MX5 NB 64pin connector.

174518_DENSO-ECU-socket_64pin-040-070 - Mazda Miata MX5 NB 64pin ECU socket

V1.0 174518_DENSO-ECU-socket_64pin-040-070.fzpz (55.1 KB)

174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070 - Mazda Miata MX5 old 48pin ECU socket

V2.0 174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070.fzpz (27.1 KB)

Visible changes :-
1-Mounting feet added to silkscreen so as to allow positioning of 3-4mm high components in the gap under the socket.
2-Mounting holes changed from 4mm to 3.5mm, as per drawing, to increase sheer strength of socket due to less play in holes.
3-PCB svg totally redone for more accuracy. Basically the silkscreen is a touch smaller due to now being 1:1.
Non-Visible changes :-
The whole part was totally redone from scratch in all views and XML file, so as to make it tidy and more accurate.

How to change part in old sketches without loosing connections.
Import part into MINE bin.
Click on new part and note variant #.
Click on old part in sketch and select new variant in Inspector.

TE - 6437288-1 - 4 Row 34 Way

V1.0 - TE - 6437288-2 - 4 Row 34 Way_fixed.fzpz (22.9 KB)

Datasheet - https://www1.iodparts.com/datasheets/te-connectivity-rectangular-connectors-headers-male-pins-eng-cd-9-1437287-8-a1.pdf

Looks like I ran this through my script at a time it was broken :blush:

Modified 4: File
’svg.icon.TE - 6437288-2 - 4 Row 34 Way_4b7d6b56ede44a51ebe679cc8ed21c6e_1_icon.svg.bak’
At line 11



doesn’t match input file

‘TE - 6437288-2 - 4 Row 34 Way_4b7d6b56ede44a51ebe679cc8ed21c6e_1_icon.svg’


The script for pretty printing splits on blanks and at that point I was ignoring quoted strings but the referenceFile isn’t a quoted string (and can have blanks) which caused the file name in the svgs to be corrupted with carriage returns and spaces as you see (when it should have had blanks). This next one (despite being called an error) isn’t fatal, it just means that there is a terminalId defined in the fzp file but it isn’t in the svg (and Fritzing then uses the center of the svgId as the terminalId which is usually what you want in breadboard which is where all these are)

Error 18: File
’svg.breadboard.TE - 6437288-2 - 4 Row 34 Way_4b7d6b56ede44a51ebe679cc8ed21c6e_1_breadboard.svg.bak’

Connector connector0terminal is in the fzp file but not the svg file. (typo?)