10pin SMD PCB layout, Offer to share parts and build a simple Inkscape tutorial


I have been working all day to create a VSOP-10 part for a FDC1004 chip that I need to use. However, Fritzing does not have a 10 pin SMD for me to work with that I can find. Would someone have a 10 pin SMD that they could share with me?

I will keep working at this, as I also need to make a layout for a WQFN package with long pads for hand soldering. If I can get these packages working I would be glad to add two new fritzing parts to the shared library. (FDC1004 and FDC2214, both from Ti.).

I have not tried, but my next step is to see if I can edit a 10 pin THT generic IC into a 10 pin VSOP. I am not sure how to the WQFN package but I will try.

I have accesses to Adobe illustrator, however I have more experience with InkScape. When I get this working I will try to make a YouTube video on how to use InkScape to make Fritzing parts.

I did find a dead link in the old forums to this “Simple SOIC part-creator” The program can be found here.


and here I think,

I hate to do this, but I don’t use python, and I have no idea where to start. I am not lazy and I would love to get this working I just have no idea how to. I need to learn python!!!

I’ve just spent 2 weeks on creating a part, and I still have problems.

This is what I know so far.

The last post is how far I have got, and briefly explains how I did it.

My Inkscape questions.


I am really busy and I hate to do this but take a look at this Forum where I explained how I made a few parts for fritzing.

I hope to make a video before Jan 1st to share. I think I can make almost anything now, it just takes me a long time.


I was able to make 2 videos showing how I was able to build the SMD parts I needed.

I hear Fritzing is getting a parts editor in Feb, but these may be helpful for the two weeks until then.


What is a bit quicker is you click on the “silkscreen” folder group in XML, hold shift, and click on the black square on the bottom colour selector - far left -, and everything in the group turns black.

I don’t know if this works in your case, but you right-click on the part and go Edit, Then click to the last group “Connectors” and select how many pins you want. I think there are still remnants in the XML when you remove pins this way, so you might have to manually delete them.

Also in the XML box at the top there is 6 buttons that looked greyed out that actually aren’t, if you click on something and click the 4th one it deletes it - saves doing the notepad bit -.

nice! can you make vid that shows how to make new pcb board also? One suggestion is to make a higher quality video next time I had hard time seeing it.

What i think fritzing needs in future is a way to change the shape of the pcb right in fritzing but a video would be useful for the current method of having to use inkscape.

On the video I can get see it in 1080P, is this still blurry for you?

I think it has to do with the way YouTube processes the videos. I tried for an hour to get the higher quality video up on YouTube.

I have never made a different shape PCB board but I will try and do a video on this if I can.


ok cool, I didn’t up the dpi so its fine now thanks for sharing these!