0805 SMD LED For Breadboard

I was looking for some SMD 0805 LED’s which I can place on a breadboard and was wondering if the following part was something that can be used.

There already is a 0805 LED in FZ, isn’t it the same.

I guess they are, but want to know if I were to purchase these, will they physically fit my breadboard so I can do some testing.

Probably a stupid question.

SMD doesn’t fit any breadboard because they are just a rectangular cube 0.080" by 0.050" without any legs.

The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask :slight_smile: , questions are how we learn! In this case you will need to further define breadboard. If you mean the one that appears by default in breadboard view, then no an 805 SMD led won’t connect to it (as it has no pins only 2 flat areas meant to be soldered to a board). If you want to use a real breadboard you will be better off with something like a standard t3 or t5 led that has wire leads that will plug in to a breadboard. The 805 leds are reputed (although I haven’t actually done it) to be able to be soldered (with difficulty!) on the pads of perfboard if you really want to experiment with SMD devices. They can also be soldered (with difficulty!) to an adapter PCB designed to convert smd parts to .1 pins suitable for a breadboard. We would probably need to know more about what you are trying to do to provide better advise.

Peter Van Epp

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Soldering SMDs are not that difficult, just takes a little practice. Youtube has everything you need to know about soldering any kind of SMD device you want… There are some very good soldering tutorials on Youtube, where you can learn all the tricks… I was like everyone else, I thought soldering SMDs were out of the questions… Now I have no problem even with 402s, not that difficult with a pair of binoculars… learned it all on Youtube…

I made several adapter boards for 805s, SOTs, and other SMDs… Chip Quik also makes a line of SMD adapter boards…

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I want to place 8-10 LED, SMD lights on a breadboard, then add the resistors and power to the board. Use an Arduino Uno and upload the program to get things to light up, flash and go around like a merry-go-round!

So I guess I just wanted to know if the lights in the first post would work for this purpose. If I need to solder to a perfboard, Ii can give that a go as well. Trying to build a prototype.

Yes the leds listed should do that fine. Cheapest and easiest to find locally would be .1 perf board to solder them to (I saw somewhere on google instructions for doing this, don’t remember the url though). An alternative would be something like this

which will convert from smd to dip, I’m not sure how well 805s will fit this though, its meant for soic chips (which is what I bought them for) but at $1 US for 10 (plus several weeks for free shipping :slight_smile: ) they are cheap enough to experiment with.

Peter Van Epp

If this is a trial test on a BB, use std LEDs and save the SMD for the actual PCB.

Not sure Arduino can handle 10 LEDS.

What about LED ring addressable lights…

You could also use something like this…


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