0.9.3b won't run MSVCP120.dll

Fritzing 0.9.3b won’t run as it says MSCVP120.dll is not installed on my machine. What is MSCVP120.dll and how do I install it? Why do I need to have it installed?

if i instal microsoft visual C++ redistribute 2013. The program will start, but not responding

I have the same problem, not running and requesting MSCVP120.dll.
What can be done?

Sorry, guys! We had a hiccup in the release build, where these libraries went missing.

The files have just been updated, so please simply download a fresh copy now!

Thanks very much andre for your prompt action

I just downloaded a fresh copy of Fritzing 64bit on Windows 10 64bit and it still freezes when anything is clicked.

I had installed 0.9.2b thru synaptic on Linux 64 bit. Should those packages be uninstalled first, then install the 0.9.3b?