0.9.3b unusable on 1080p display with 1.25x scaling

Ubuntu Xenial 16.04, 64-bit, Unity desktop.
1920x1080 display, 1.25x scaling.

Running for the first time, everything seems too big, leaving quite limited working area (image 1).
As soon as you try to navigate menus (e.g. View, then Window), application resizes itself, becomes bigger than the screen (right toolbar becomes almost inaccessible) and once in this state, it is irrecoverable until restart (image 2).

After above, trying to resize the application produces a lot of weirdness - it seems to blink between different sizes and may become even bigger. Trying to maximize it won’t work as application will revert to the following position and size (image3).

Since I cannot upload more than one image for being new user, here’s a link to screenshots:

Is there some kind of command-line flag to disable this “scaling feature”? Previous version, although did have right toolbar and top menus a bit small, but at least was usable.

Thanks for the report. Please also take a look at https://github.com/fritzing/fritzing-app/issues/3221.
We need some help with debugging this issue. Anybody here who can experiment with this?

Thanks for reply! As I’ve mentioned in aforementioned linked issue, a workaround is to invoke Fritzing from command line:

I can confirm I have a similar problem on windows 8.1. I have a screen resolution of 1920x1080

Is there a quick workaround for windows?

I’m running Fritzing on a Panasonic Touchpad tablet, FZ-G1, under Linux 64 bit. All was working fine, but I’ve done something and the resolution when I start up Frizting is way larger than the screen.

This work QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 ./Fritzing to bring it back in line with the tablet.

The resolution of the tablet is set at 1440 x 900.