0.9.3 lost all My Parts

I was happily using 0.9.2 to design a small board and it has been working well for several days. This morning it has crashed twice when just trying to move a line in Breadboard view (losing work each time). I then noticed the 0.9.3 update available so on the basis it might be more stable, I upgraded. Now My Parts bin is empty. There were about half a dozen items, now gone.

I checked the old files location and everything is still there, but the update totally failed to move everything into the new location. Worse, if I try to import that old bin, I just get an error saying basically it cannot find the part files, listing each with the path to the file that it cannot find. Yet each path is in fact perfectly correct.

All of which is a complete PIA as I want to get on with finishing this project, but Fritzing is making it impossible. So to start, how am I supposed to import my old parts bin?

I’m sorry to hear that! The move of course shouldn’t cause any issues. :frowning: Do you have any idea what could have caused the problem? We are checking for several potential issues like file access rights, so I don’t have a clue what the problem could be. Which platform are you on, and which version of 0.9.3b did you download (also specify 32 vs. 64 bit).

To solve this, please try to manually move the bins and parts folders to the new location at …//Documents/Fritzing. Then open the my_parts.fzb in a text editor and edit the paths to match the new locations.

Thanks for that. I’ll have a go at moving them and see how that goes.

Although the app says it’s 0.9.3, when I look at the app in the Finder, it still says 0.9.2.

I’m using OSX BTW :slight_smile:

You’re right, Finder show 0.9.2. But please ignore that, the version that’s show inside of Fritzing is the correct one!

The 0.9.2 showing in Finder is now also fixed with an updated download. Won’t make a difference to your issue though. :frowning:

I’ve just uploaded to 0.9.3 under Windows 10 and lost the parts in the Mine bin. Where can I find them from the previous version please otherwise recover them?


Hi Alan, sorry for that! It would be great if you can provide more details by answering the following questions:

  • Did you get an info popup notifying you about a move of your custom parts?
  • Did you get any error messages or a crash?
  • Are you using 32bit or 64bit?

In order to recover your parts, please try following the steps outlined above. If the parts and bins haven’t been moved to your C:\Users\username\Documents\Fritzing yet, you should be able to locate them in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Fritzing. This is a hidden folder, so you need to set your Windows Explorer to display hidden files and folders.

I don’t remember a pop-up.

I had a crash when starting it. It (the previous version) locked up on a screen asking me to update when I pressed the update link at the top. The second time I started it and it clicked okay.

I am using 64 bit.

I got some advice before your reply came through so exported my parts bin from the previous version. I had spent ages looking for an actual folder as that was my expectation.

After importing into the new version I now have two bins called “Mine”. One had nothing in it and the other all my saved parts. When I move/copy a part to Mine it always goes into the one that was previously empty and I guess the default one setup on installation.

Hope this adds a bit of clarity to what has happened.