0.9.10 bug fix version available

There is a new 0.9.10 bug fix version available which fixes a scrolling issue in schematic. If you have 0.9.10 it is probably worth downloading the fixed version:

This was a regression introduced in 0.9.10, build 1801 (windows and linux) and build 1807 (macos).
Reverting 87c19ea fixes this. I created a new build, 0.9.10 build 2134 (windows, linux and mac).

If you are affected by this, and have 0.9.10 build 180x, you can download build 2134 from Fritzing . The new build is the default.
Windows users: When you install build 2134 over build 1801, the installer will ask how you want to proceed. Choose “repair”.


closed issue #3959 on github.


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