0.375in Pin Spacing on header?

I’m trying to create 4 pin header with 0.375in pin spacing on my PCB. This is to interface with an bunch of odd sized ribbon cables on the gadget I’m trying to modify.

I figured I could use the generic Female Header and set the pitch, but it seems that the pitch is restricted to the a preselected set in a drop-down? Is there a way to set it to 0.375" pin spacing?

I tried editing the part, but after opening it up in the (new) parts editor, I was unable to modify the PCB at all.

Alternate suggestions are welcome too. I just want 6 lines of 4 holes on my PCB with 0.375" in spacing.

Assuming I’ve understood your request correctly this should do it. 4 .1 pins (.038 hole) on .375 centers. I only changed pcb, breadboard is still .1 spaced but I can change that if you need it.

header375.fzpz (4.5 KB)

Whoa. I didn’t expect you just mod the part for me. Loaded it up and seems perfect. Thanks!

You are welcome. As steel_goose is fond of saying its easier to do it myself than explain how to do it. It was a 5 minute job with Inkscape to modify the svg and post it, the explaination of how to make parts (which is currently wrong and I’m working on updating) is so long its in two posts because I ran out of space :slight_smile: , if you are interested in making your own parts give it a read later when I get it updated.

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