Wrong symbol in PCB view for LED


Correct me if I’m wrong as a beginner, but the symbol for an LED in the PCB view is incorrect. The pins are reversed the pin with the square symbol (cathode or negative pin) is actually the positive pin (anode). The square symbol on a pin in PCB view is the negative pin correct? see for yourself. In the breadboard view they seem correct not so much in the PCB view. I downloaded Fritzing only weeks ago so I’m assuming I have the latest version nothing major, just thought it was worth a mention, thanks.


First question would be which LED exactly. The standard one in core parts doesn’t look unusual, although I see you are correct, the square which should mark pin 1 is actually on pin2 which is unconventional if not necessarily functionally wrong. A variety of the parts in core have flaws of various kinds. Someone on github just pointed out a few more of them in the discussion about getting development going again.



Yeah we really need to rigorously check and verify and approve every part if we want to look professional, like KiCad had to.

You know another big bug that no one notices, it’s the line through the centre of diodes in SCH. That stupid line hides accidental ratsnest lines that people don’t notice, and that’s a big trap for beginners.


When we get the forked repo on freetzing up (its cloned, but does not yet have a maintainer I don’t think) you should open an issue for all the stuff like this you know of. I’m trying to drum up interest in fixing some of the broken parts in core among folks interested in helping out but not up to doing developing. Don’t know if we will find anybody, but we might. The objective of the forked repo is to allow someone to close issues which isn’t currently happening on the main repo with the aim of eventually being able to merge it back in to the main repo . I’ve seen the line through diodes a time or two and wasn’t impressed, but also haven’t done anything about it. I still have troubles getting parts submitted to github, the flow to get a pull back to the main repo from my fork is still eluding me. I got 3 or 4 through and then either I forgot how or something got jammed up.




While probably informative, it is also a task looking for people willing to help, in the form of updating the broken parts and submitting the changes to github. Help with parts creation is always available by asking here. While I can and perhaps eventually will do this at the moment getting development going again is more important.