What did I do wrong with the PCB?


I’m trying to make a pi-hat PCB to a project I’m working on but after I load it to fritzing it shows up as a empty space… Custom SVG is here

Problems are:

  • It looks like it’s milling 2 times and just leaving the line.
  • Something weird with the solder mask to covering the copper?
  • Holes not being cut for the screws and the keep-out copper areas in the SVG isn’t there either?


Would you upload the sketch (the .fzz file) please? Upload is 7th icon from the left on the reply menu. At a quick look at the svg, it likely isn’t formatted correctly for a custom svg (although I’m not the expert on that either). Hopefully @opera_night who is much better at these will comment. This is usually tricky and hard to get right, although @opera_night has a number of posts on how to do it in the forum. The holes need to be dragged on to pcb layer from the pcb View section of core parts (the right hand window in Fritzing) or specified in the copper1/copper0 layers of a part. You likely want the first option here. I don’t think you can make them as part of the cutout custom svg (but I could be wrong). The keep-out is automatically generated from the parts, it isn’t a specifiable layer. There are tricks you can do with substituting mask layers from different gerbers to make odd mask requirements work, which involve generating a mask that does what you want (usually by removing something from the sketch) then coping the gerber it creates in to the real sketch’s mask gerber file.



Rather than repeating info I’ve previously posted, look at my most recent posts re making PCB’s.

the Upshot:
The PCB svg is not the same as a Part svg.
The PCB svg does not have copper layers.

I opened your file and recommend starting over as the time/effort to correct what you have will be inefficient.

Helpful (I hope) is screenshot of a basic PCB svg layer setup… Not important is the ‘compound’ shape (which is just a different word for a Path… Don’t fuss about that. What is important are the Layer names

If you redo it and need further help, having understood my post’s, we’ll have a common foundation of understanding to solve your problem.

And, yes, you can copy&paste elements from your current file into the correct layers in a redo (thus saving about two minutes of work…)

Lastly, the SVG can be made with a text editor (which is all an SVG is, a Text file). Thus, while most all drawing apps that export SVG’s are useable (to certain degrees), they can (and do) add stuff Fritzing can’t handle so, best to keep it simple. Especially for a First-Time. So, make a very basic PCB, after success, get to where you want to be in the next step’s…

[EDIT ADDED] If you’re trying to make a ‘Part’ (Parts have a PCB but, not the Board’s PCB) take a look at most any Part. For ref, here’s my microSDcard part as an example (and Peter has posted many helpful parts to look at) http://forum.fritzing.org/t/micro-sdcard-part/5866/4