TLV431 Voltage Reference


Couldn’t find one so I’d like to suggest it.

TLV431 Voltage Reference


Indeed doesn’t appear to be one. Easy enough to make though, which case are you interested in as the pcb footprint? You have a choice of TO-92 or a variety of surface mount options it looks like.

Edit: Christmas (at least in my time zone :slight_smile: ) came early. Assuming you can use the TO-92 package this part should do you:

TLV431.fzpz (6.6 KB)

One of the smd packages is a relatively minor change.



And I thought I was the only one answering questions on Xmas. :slight_smile:


Its still Christmas eve here for another 7 hours, but point taken …



T0-92 is what I need currently. :slight_smile: