Request - IRF520 MosFET module


I noticed the screw terminals, but in order to make them fit the 0.1 grid, I should either rescale it (the screw group) which would make it smaller (and ugly) or move them away from each other. Not sure what I should choose.

About the schematic, I forgot it! :blush:


I’d probably move the screw terminals on to .1 boundaries, if the wires connect a bit off center in the connector, to me that’s better (as in visually less jarring) than the wires being at an angle, but that may only be me. Which to do (or leave it as is) is a personal preference. If the schematic layer id is the only thing you forget you are doing pretty good :slight_smile: . It took me many many months to make parts like this and you look to have picked it up in a couple of weeks.



Final fix:

IRF520_mos_module.fzbz (23.3 KB)

It should be perfect right now :smiley: