Problems with the format of the schematic.


I recently downloaded Fritsing, but I do not see the possibility of drawing a schematic diagram in the format, as in the figure.
Help me please. Thank you in advance. Sorry, bad computer translation.


That is not a schematic that is the breadboard view. To make that exact drawing you would delete the existing breadboard from the view and add the components and connect them using wires.


While @sublimeartistry is correct that you could recreate this circuit from the parts (you would need to find them all though as some of them are unfamiliar and thus are probably custom). This appears to be the breadboard view of a Fritzing sketch. If you can get the .fzz file that this image was created from it will have a schematic view (possibly not routed yet which you would have to do) to give you the schematic. If you have the sketch clicking on the breadboard tab on the top line will give you the view above and clicking on schematic (to the right of breadboard) will change you to schematic view which should have the schematic representation of the parts in use. If the schematic view hasn’t been finished you would need to drag the parts to the correct position and route the connections.



I can not find the following new components:
WiFi NodeMCU board ESP8266 (CP2102)
OLED LCD 0.96 (32*128)
Two-way 4-channel converter of logic levels 3.3-5V
RF 433MHz transmitter
RF 433MHz receiver

Help me please. Thank you in advance.


In general I use google with a search term that starts with Fritzing part such as “Fritzing part nodeMCU cp2120” which will find you some of the nodeMCU parts. Unfortunately there are several of them (I have fixed up at least 6 for people) so you need to find the one that matches your particular board (some are .9in wide and at least one is 1.1in wide). Searching for nodemcu in the forum search (the magnifying glass at the top of the screen) should find them as they are mostly posted here in the forums rather than being in core parts. The DHT22 is available in the adafruit library on github (you need to download it from github and load it in to Fritzing, there are instructions on the Adafuit site for doing so. There are also other models in Fritzing with the same pin out that will work. The OLED you would need to search for by model number to find one with the correct pinout and size. As I said before if you can find the .fzz file for the sketch that you posted the parts you need should be in the temp parts bin of that sketch and you can then export them and use them in your sketch. There are some 433mhz pars but the ones I know of are different that the ones in your link above. I think there are logic level converter modules available, and I have posted a parts for the 74LVC8T245 here in the forums (but that is a smd chip rather than a module). If you search for 7805 in core parts you will find the 7805 part you need. If you can’t find one of the parts you need post again and I’ll see if I can find one anywhere (or possibly make one).



Sincerely grateful for the detailed response.
But through the slow processes on this forum, yesterday I found almost all the components myself, and LM7805 did not find it, so I edited the LM1117.
Good luck!

Libraries of components that I managed to find: