NodeMcu V3 parts library


Luckily I resisted the temptation to say this will be done in about 15 minutes, because while your requested change is trivial and only took 15 minutes, when I tested it I discovered that the base isn’t one of those that I fixed up (when I thought it was) and has a number of errors. So here are two new files which fix up the visible errors (the internals are still a mess and need a major cleaning :slight_smile: ). The NodeMCUv3 Lolin_1.1_inch_rev_pcb.fzpz file is your requested swap of the pcb in horizontal (with the addition of a square on pin 1 on the pcb copper and a note the it is rev pcb on the schematic to tell them apart) and NodeMCUv3 Lolin_1.1_inch_fixed_schem.fzpz is the original part with the fixes applied to it (and should replace the original part). At some point I’ll clean the rest of it up and feed it back to the original author.

NodeMCUv3 Lolin_1.1_inch_fixed_schem.fzpz (18.0 KB)

NodeMCUv3 Lolin_1.1_inch_rev_pcb.fzpz (18.2 KB)



Hi Peter,
Thank you so much. All worked out just fine (Incl. Molex RJ11). Attached the fabrication result.


Looks cool! I can see why you needed the top release jacks.



@vanepp, I know it has been a while, but I read your post where you made a fzpz file with 1.1 inch spacing between the rows. When I downloaded it, It is still no bigger than the .9 inch one I have on my MB102 breadboard view or the PCB view. But when I print out the svg and print at 100% it is the right size. I don’t understand. I did have to modify the part file “moduleId” because when I tried to import it, Fritzing said I already had a part with that name.


I have run into this when downloading parts Vanepp has made. My solution was to look in the fritzing parts folder and delete the original with the matching moduleid and then import his new part.

Hope this helps.


@sublimeartistry I appreciate the quick reply. Under different circumstances, I would use your suggestion. However, the NodeMCU board is open source and some have the pin rows .9 inch apart and some 1.1 inch apart. I would like to have both in my parts bin, not one or the other.


I think the one I posted is probably a copy of the original on github (which in turn may be created from an existing part in core). If so this one (which is the one I posted, edited with parts editor but not changed, and exported as a new part) should do what you want without conflicting with any existing part as it has a new moduleid.

NodeMCU V3.0.fzpz (17.1 KB)



Yes @vanepp, that file inported without error and has the right dimensions. Thank you!


Is there an Eagle library file for the NodeMCU LOLin V3?


We try to not use Eagle parts because the conversion plays havoc with FZ. It actually takes longer fixing a conversion than starting from scratch.

Maybe ask Eagle, or just do a Goo search.