Need for TP5000 shield fritzing part



For my project I use some shields and modules. All but one is available in fritzing, can some one help me to create this part? It is TP5000 LiFePo4 charging shield.

An easyeda version of this shield can be found here:



This should do the job, although it has issues. As a Fritzing part it is fine, but the LED pins are a guess the red and green cathodes may be swapped I’m unclear on how it should be aligned. The major issue is pcb. The referenced easyeda file is inconsistent. I started from the png file which is scaled fairly closely to real life and then manually copied the center point coords of the pads from easyeda. They are inconsistent in that they aren’t on .1 boundaries and what I ended up with may not match the real board. If you could print out the pcb footprint and compare it to the real board I can change pcb to match the board.

tp5000.fzpz (12.3 KB)