MMA8452X Part-file


I am new and beginn to work with Fritzing.
I am searching for th part of the MMA845X like this:

Does anyone know where I can get this file ?

Thank you very much


A google search for “fritzing part GY-45 MMA8452” turns up several part references. On is in the adafruit library, another looks to be in core parts (I not currently on a machine with fritziing loaded so I can’t check). A search in the parts bin (the magnifying glass) for MMA8452 or perhaps MMA8451 may turn up a part. The adafruit library is not loaded by default so you have to load it (either the individual part or the whole library).




I have searched but found nothing:
For all parts I found the contact assignment is different


If you want the pins assignment changed you have to supply a datasheet or details of the order you want, as we know no better than the part Van found.
We are just volunteers that can’t spend hours searching Goo to find stuff that might not even be right. If you can link stuff, it helps.


Making a part for this is simple, however the position of the mounting holes isn’t in the site you mentioned nor else where that I can find. If you can provide the position and size of the mounting holes I can make a part.



Herr is a Foto of the file


Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. What I need is the dimensions of the board, height / width of the pcb and mostly the size and xy position of the mounting holes. Best way to get that is measure it with vernier calipers (a ruler is a far less desirable alternative though). Typically you want to screw these things down so movement is intentional which means the placement of the mounting holes is important.

Edit: You have been saved by ebay :slight_smile: , one of the other vendors of this thing had more info: holes are 3mm on 15mm pitch. That is enough to make a part (although it is not yet correct because the x/y position of the mounting holes is only a guess from the photographs). If you can measure the offset from the edge of one of the mounting holes to the edges of the pcb I can correct the alignment later.

GY-45 MMA8452.fzpz (20.4 KB)




perfect. The part is accurate from all dimensions. Very good work.
Thanks alot
That was a real help for me
Thank you


The photos must have been more accurate than I though :slight_smile: . Still it would help to print out a copy of pcb at 1:1 scale and make sure the mounting holes align perfectly with the header connector on the board (breadboard doesn’t matter as much, pcb is the vital point).




I have checked the part.
the part fits perfectly. The hole distances are exactly right
Thank you very much.