Looking for SMA Connector part


Looking for this part.



I don’t like your chances, at least for a BB view.

Link the correct datasheet.


While there doesn’t seem to be a ra version, entering “sma antenna” in parts search turns up a sparkfun version. Or look at this one (I don’t remember if it is ra or not, although I made it :slight_smile: ), found by a google search for “fritzing part sma right angle connector”. If this doesn’t suit it can probably be modified easily enough.



I tried it and it is smaller than the actual size. The SMA connector on the picture has Pin Spacing 2x2.54mm. In meantime, I solved by using Single Row 2 Pin Header and increase pin spacing to be 5.08.



As I said, changing the part isn’t a big deal if (as Old_Grey said) you supply a data sheet that describes the part. If your header solution suits your purposes that is fine too.