Incorrect Auto Route for 7 Segment Display


i just created a simple circuit which includes 5 pcs 74HC595 shift register and 5 pcs 7 segment displays. Since i live in Austria i need to buy the 7 segment displays on the local market. The order of the connections is different to the ones from the fritzing library. Here is my problem:
Even though i connected the 7 segment displays correctly on the bread board page the autorouting is ignoring it and creates wrong connections on the cicuit. E.A. my 7 segment display have the common cathode on 3 and 8. But the circuit autoroutes them to 9. The segments as well are wrong routed.

I even tried to change the connections in the parts editor but it gets completely ignored.

Mini Scoreboard V2018.fzz (58.2 KB)

Any idea what i am doing wrong?
Thx in advance


Looks like the part doesn’t have constant #ing and might be confusing, so I think you have to fix the part.

Right-click the 7-seg and Edit
Go to BB view and click C in the table
Now go to PCB view.
See how a different pin is highlighted.

The trick with auto routes is that you never use auto route, you manually route. Pros don’t really use AR either.
Can you see the difference with my manual routing.