IchigoJam T as a "Kid's PC"


Please send this file to email: milettdani.egyeb@gmail.com


I just downloaded the IchigoJamT_09DEC2017.fzpz file above with firefox and loaded it in to Fritzing via file->open->IchigoJamT_09DEC2017.fzpz without problem. So there would appear to be a problem with your download procedure not the file.



Ok Thanks! I’ll try to see if …


Thank you for downloading. But this is just the chip. Could you tell me how I can get my computer’s wiring plan?


It isn’t a chip, but rather a fritzing part for the cpu board. After dragging the part in to schematic (to avoid the rotation bug described above) you need to drag in other parts and run the wires to the correct places to make something. This part only describes the cpu module not a complete design.