How to add DHT11 and Adafruit GPS



I am new in fritzing. I wanted to ask, how do I add Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout version 3, DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor and Temperature-Humidity Sensor DHT11 that do not exist in fritzing version?

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“Does not exist” is a flexible term in Fritzing :slight_smile: , they are not in the standard library shipped with Fritzing but many parts are not. A google search for “fritzing part Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout version 3,” and “fritzing part DS18B20” turn both of them up in the Adafruit Fritzing library on github:

You can either load the entire library in to Fritzing (instructions on Adafruit’s site somewhere as I recall) or just download the 2 fzpz files and then load them in to fritzing via file->open->filename.fzpz which will place them in the mine parts bin ready for use. Other times you may find parts (of varying quality) from other people. If you try and use such a part and it doesn’t work, post a pointer to it here and probably one of us will take a look at it for you. If you can’t find one online post a pointer to the data sheet for the part here and someone may choose to make a new part. Many parts are posted here in the forums and while google will find them as well, using the forum search can be useful as well.



Thank you. Ok I have found the components I was looking for. Lastly, I tried to find on google the MQ-2 sensor searching for the last 2 hours, but nothing exist. Does anyone have found the part, in order to help me? Also how do I put power supply 5Volts, on fritzing sketch?


The advise in this forum post:

also applies here. A part that has the same pins will do to represent a part not present. For power there are two choices: the best one is to add a power source (a battery and regulator, a regulator with an external supply, although I don’t think there are external supply parts around) or just scroll down the core parts bin to schematic view and drag the V++ icon in to the drawing. The disadvantage to this is that it only provides a schematic symbol for power, it doesn’t actually provide power to the circuit (you have to remember to do that in some way for it to work).



Thank you.

How do I connect a camera to the Raspberry Pi 3 using the cable (not through USB)? And also how to connect a Xbee USB explorer to the Raspberry Pi 3?


I suspect you don’t :slight_smile: , I don’t think there is a PI camera part and there isn’t anything to connect it to as far as Fritzing is concerned. The camera connector isn’t implemented in the PI parts as I recall. Although someone achieved it at least somewhat as shown here:

I don’t know where they got the camera part (and I don’t think it actually connects to anything there is just a wire in breadboard I expect).

Same problem (and solution) the USB ports are also not connections in Fritzing so you would need to find an image or part of the board and fake a connection in breadboard (it won’t show up in schematic I expect as it isn’t a real connection).




How do I put a “wall” power supply to my schematic and a powerbank?

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I haven’t yet made a part for a wall wart (I keep intending to) and I don’t know what a power bank might be, if you have a data sheet I’ll consider it.

Edit: I guess the typical way to show a wall wart has been to use a barrel connector which the wall wart connects to.




Does this do for the job?

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If what you need is power plugs, it should certainly do the job. Is that what you need for a power bank? If a barrel connector doesn’t work for a wall wart replacement I can make a wall wart part easily enough.