Funky part: "sparkfun mosfet (n channel)"


Hello all! I wanted to use this TO-92 N-channel MOSFET I found in Fritzing parts search, but the pinout, icon (‘P’ when it’s ‘N’?) and other attributes are weird. I tried to reassign pins and such in parts editor, but I can’t seem to select the terminals in PCB view, and the ones in schem view don’t look right when I save it. Can I get some help in getting this part useful for common MOSFETs such as the 2N7000 with typical pinout 1-Source 2-Gate 3-Drain? I wouldn’t ask before trying, but I’m not getting something here. Thanks!

PS: If there is another TO-92 N-ch part somewhere I can just grab that’s correct, that’s fine also; I just haven’t found one. :neutral_face: I also see that this issue was raised last year, but no responses so far.


This is a bendable leg part so parts editor won’t edit it, you need to modify the underlying files. I’ll have a quick bash at it since I’m familiar with editing bendable leg parts after parts editor has mashed them up :slight_smile: .

Edit: It was actually worse than I thought, however try this one as it should be correct and the bendable legs will work again.

MOSFET-NCHANNEL_fixed.fzpz (6.4 KB)


Generic N-Channel mosfet has wrong pcb and breadboard pin layout

@vanepp - awesome, thanks! I usually like bendable legs, but not this time… lol.


It is a reasonably simple edit to remove the bendable legs if you prefer that (although the other tO92 parts all seem to be bendable legs).