DDS AD9850 with Nano


Hi I am using a DDS AD9850 module with an Arduino Nano and trying to mount it on a PCB and have a fritzing part I found in another project however it is missing various elements from the .svg I am looking for someone to edit the .svg for me and to add the top layer copper pads on all pins with through hole plating.
I have tried to do this on the new parts editor but am unable to complete this. To put this in context i learned my electronics back in 1969, I have been trying to keep up but this one seems
beyond me, any help of any nature would be much appreciated.


If you upload the part you have (the fzpz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) I’ll fix it up for you. If you got the part from a project, it is likely in the temp parts bin, in which case right clicking on the AD9850 part in the temp parts bin and selecting export part will write a .fzpz file to your local file system. Parts making is a complex process until you get used to it, so it is usually easier for one of us that is familiar with it to fix (or make) parts for you.



Hi Peter,
many thanks in anticipation.
here is the part as I have itDDS AD9850.fzpz (47.9 KB)
Your assistance is most appreciated, Felix suggest that the forum was the place i would find the solution to my problem, I did not accept such a fast response.



OK, I have good news and bad news (luckily they are the same :slight_smile: ). I have a couple of these boards, and so am interested in a part ready to go in to core parts. The bad news is, that isn’t the original part. This part is based on it but due to the problems in the original part, it isn’t a direct replacement. You will need to delete the current part and modify the wiring somewhat to match that of the new part (schematic has changed substantially, and the size of breadboard and pcb were both incorrect.) This part has been tested as far as generating valid gerber files with traces on both sides of the board, although I haven’t cut boards from it yet. It has a new moduleId so you can load it along side the current part in your sketch to see what kind of changes will be needed. As is usual practice on boards in core, the text has been removed from pcb (if you want text on the silkscreen you can add it to your sketch) and the mounting holes are only on silkscreen, if you want the mounting holes drilled in your board you need to drag a hole from the pcb section of core parts in to pcb view, use inspector to set its diameter to 2.8mm and then place it on top of the hole in silkscreen to actually drill the hole. If someone doesn’t want mounting holes and they are in the part, then they have to modify the part to remove the mounting holes. This way gives the user a choice without having to modify the part (same with text.)

DDS AD9850-fixed.fzpz (29.7 KB)