DB107 Bridge rectifier created


DB107.fzpz (10.3 KB)

Glass passivated bridge rectifier
Datasheet: http://www.hygroup.com.tw/downloads/prod/file/20150325151647_1.pdf

Bridge rectifier
Learning Fritzing, beginning difficulties

I just going to make it… But, Nice schem…


Hi, thank you.
If there are any issues with this part, just let me know and I will repair.


There are a few problems. You are missing layerIds in breadboard and schematic, and terminal Ids in schematic. The pins are out of sequence, they should start at 0 and go up in sequence. The terminalId causes this:

In your part (to the right) the connection is to the middle of the pin because of no terminal Id (they were misnumbered). In pcb the hole sizes are too small (0.027 in when they should be 0.035). I corrected all the problems I saw in this file (which is a new part so you can load it along side your version as I did here). If you have questions feel free to ask. Over all a good job, relatively few problems.

DB107_improved.fzpz (12.7 KB)



Yes, now I noticed… But I didn’t give much attention to the schem terminal points…
But, pin number is very important…

And I also noticed, your improved BB pins are not aligned… So, here you go…
DB107-Last Improved.fzpz (12.0 KB)

I’ve 30+ parts to submit, lots of them are provided by fritzing with wrong pitch of BB & PCB pins (or maybe different variant), that I had to edit… Hope that will help someone…
Now, I’ve to re-check them before submit…



You may want to run them through my part checking script available here:

which will happily complain about lots of things (and I am working on making it complain about even more :slight_smile: ). As well, if you want to modify parts in core submitting here is no longer sufficient. The only way updates to core are being accepted now is by making a pull request on the parts repository on github. Long term (after getting development working) I hope to go through and clean up all the parts in core. Many of them as you note are wrong. All help doing so is appreciated.

Edit: As long as you are changing things with the intent to change core could I encourage you to also rescale all the parts to be as called for in the parts file format? The instructions on how to do it in Inkscape are here: