Arduino MKR WAN 1300


Below is a corrected part for the Arduino MKR WAN 1300 that is available on the Arduino store web site at

in the documentation tab. Unfortunately while the breadboard image is a work of art, the part lacks pcb (the svg file is 0 length and causes a load error in Fritizing) and is internally a mess (a bunch of unused bus connections, bad pin numbering etc.) Here is a corrected part with those problems fixed and connections for the battery connector added in breadboard and schematic (they are terminal blocks so can’t connect in pcb). While I think this is correct I don’t have a board to check it against so if someone that does would check it that would be appreciated. I changed schematic fairly radically. It is much smaller, on .1in centers rather than .4in, and with the pin out matching that in breadboard which I prefer to the usual Arduino part layout. If someone doesn’t like this, I can produce a schematic svg in the usual format. Due to the number of changes I made this as a new part rather than a modification of the original. To the Arduino folks: if you wish to put this part on your store page, please feel free to do so (in fact please do so, the one that is there is broken :slight_smile: ).

Arduino MKR WAN 1300.fzpz (423.8 KB)



My goodness that is a big part at 424KB. I thought FZ Git won’t accept big parts, at least as to not send it out as a part update.


Probably not, this one is hosted on the Arduino site, not in core. The breadboard is a work of art, but it is huge. I was to lazy to replace the art with small but good enough …