Advice needed for a LED Strip Fuse Box


Found the resistors

But could’nt i also just use a 8 pin sop socket for the ina219 like:

That would also solve a minor other issue i have with the board layout :confused:


I don’t see the TI version of the ina219 available in DIP, the data sheet only shows it available as soic8 or sot23 8 both of which are surface mount and won’t fit in a dip socket without an adapter board (and you would have to solder the chip on to the adapter board). Does someone else make one in 8 pin dip? If so google isn’t finding it and all the breakout boards I see are surface mount. They are 0.065 pitch (the 0.05 adapters are hard to find), one like this would do you to convert the chip to Dip:

and 0.065 spacing can be hand soldered with reasonable care.