2-Pin Terminal Block Part


I often use 2-pin terminal blocks (screw-type) and simply use 2-pin female headers.

I know there are some posted but, I generally prefer to make my own parts (especially if there are no images posted with parts that others make) and won’t bother to download them to see the part.

Thus, I made a 2-pin terminal block part…

Terminal 2pin.fzpz (5.5 KB)




Yes, I also love to create my own parts… :grinning:

I already posted some Terminal Block Parts as your pix…
You can check here, “35 New & Edited Parts
There are also 3 pins and other sizes submitted…

In your parts, I think the part name “TRM” is unnecessary… And in the PCB the Hole diameter is only 1mm, should be little bigger… It’s just my personal opinion…