Why is there no online part library?

Something like this:

As far as I know the parts are now managed in its own Repository fritzing-parts. And the fritzing app will be able to get updates from this repository directly, so that new parts can be distributed much quicker than a fritzing release.

That’s correct! The new release due in January will have this feature. When you’re a developer, you can give it a try already by building fritzing from the “download-new-parts” branch.

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Side question related to online parts library.

My contrib folder, found as fritzing>parts>svg>contrib is empty, is this supposed to be empty? I was hoping to see a series of used created parts here.

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so is this the branch that is actively developed?

Has no one noticed that google code became read only ages ago? By not updating your site you will cause great user decay…

Yeah, it closed Aug 2015.

It’s a bit weird that users can’t share parts any more - I have 2 parts that took a lot of work, and now can’t be given to anyone else -.

Yeah I’m desperate for the Dragonboard 410c, and thought that someone would have shared it by now.
Seems like even if I bothered to make it, nobody would benefit unless I work very hard to promote it or they work hard to find it.

The parts bin seems to be going to github, but without a managed interface (think Submit a part/update a part webpage) most people wouldn’t use it unless they really care (forking etc - github in general - is too much for the beginner and too much effort for the average user).

I guess you could see if Dragonboard 410c have a forum, and that someone has made the part.
You might see if a Google search finds something.
Or maybe switch to one of the editors with more resources to see if they have the part.
I like Fritzing, but I think eventually we will all be switching to Kicad because there is more of everything behind it (CERN).

Are the user contributed parts going to be included? Creating the parts seem to be a sticking point and then finding one you need.

I created a couple of Molex headers I needed, while I was at it I thought I would create the whole series for everyone would have access to them on Fritzing, then found out that there was no way on Fritzing to share them.

I’m new to all this, so I’m still learning, but other groups have part libraries.

I guess we could start a topic here for user created parts, where people add posts that link their parts.

Yes there is parts on github. As there ist part all over the world. But there is no fritzing parts store or something like this. Ther is not central repository.

And Github is NOT a repository for something like this. Github is fine for things where there is a need for coordination. There is no need for coordination between parts. Nothing can break by me adding another part. There is NO NEED for forking and merging as things can just coexist.

To me it is kind of a symptom where it shows what fritzing is: a strange place you don’t want to be at.

There is actually no incentive by Fritzing to have a created part repository, because the only income they make is supplying support to a free Fritzing.
The only reason FZ is still here is the income from making parts on request and other support - It’s the same as the Linux model -, so for free program I guess we can’t really complain.
FZ use would grow with a parts bin, but it might also kill it.

I like FZ because it’s relativity simple, except for creating parts, but the larger more complicated CERN supported Kicad is probably be way to go if you want to future proof your learning curve.

I didn’t know much about the electronic world 3 months ago and I only got involved because of the Arduino controlled EMS project “Speeduino”. I started using FZ because SD used FZ, but they are switching to Kicad so I will probably have to as well - that was a lot of Fritzing and Inkscape leaning that will probably end up being wasted time for me -.

Hm. Well but how much money does this “product” make? To me Fritzing is not working, as almost all even most basic features are broken.

Anyway. Learning Inkscape is never wrong.

Don’t quote me, because I read it 4 months ago and my memory isn’t that good, but I think I read that FZ was adding a simple part creator with graphical element around Feb.

I can’t remember what it entailed, or what it will do, so maybe do a search before you jump ship. lol.
I will wait, and if it is implemented I will try to talk everyone around to stick with FZ - I don’t want to lean another program -.

Any updates on this topic?

In the past there was a google group with parts, what has happened to that?
Why is that no-longer there.(or is it?)

Though i think it would be great to have an online library that can be searched graphically just like the parts selector

Last month Andre enabled attaching/uploading of .svg .fz, .fzp etc. here on the forum. And that is also a very helpful feature to enable sharing of parts.

And what are the key criteria for a part to be included into the library.
Is there some kind of ‘verified status of parts’ so that users know if a part is still in a kind of beta form or is tested and approved

Hi guys,

Google Code was closed, so we have moved to github a while ago: http://github.com/fritzing/

All “official” parts created by the fritzing team are at https://github.com/fritzing/fritzing-parts. These are the parts that get shipped with the fritzing download.
We welcome contributions in the form of pull-requests to this repository. From the next version on (0.9.3), the fritzing app will continuously update its parts library from this place, so you don’t need to wait for a new release anymore.
We’re also working on browsable web viewer for this repository!

I also just created a pinned forum topic for sharing everyone’s self-created parts:

Share your custom-made parts here

This is a convenient place for everyone to quickly upload parts you made in the .fzpz file format (exported from fritzing).

Sounds like there are great things in the works keep at it guys!