Using VIA's for data routing?

I’m new to PCB layout. A design I’m working on has a couple of IC’s that cannot seem to be oriented in a way that makes the data bus from one to the other convenient.

So, I end of creating 8-10 traces that wrap all over the place in an effort to keep them separate. Based on some tutorials I found on YouTube, I keep ground traces on the bottom layer and data/bus traces on the top.

Is it considered good practice to route 8 data lines on the top plane, through 8 via’s to the bottom plane, and then back up to the top?

I hope that makes sense. I think this might help me make a smaller board because I have to stretch the board out in order to allow the traces to fit around IC’s.


This might be a good read:

It might leave you with more questions then answers, though it looks like it tells about all the stuff. :slight_smile:

Hi uaneme,

Couldn’t you have given the man a simple answer to a simple question…:grin:

HEHE. To be honest, I didn’t know the answer this is what i got from “the duck”. And i found it to interesting not to share. :smiley:

And now i’m wondering about the inductance and capacitance of a copper tube.

Very, very tiny… I am not going to rack my brain on it. Although, your article was interesting… I will make sure that I calculate that in to my next board.