Unable to install Fritzing in Win 10 64bit HP PC

Hi, just now installed the windows version code of Fritzing and tried to install it. Its is not beginning installation and no error is also reported. I had made the payment through PayPal after which i received the link and even downloaded it twice but of no help. I am trying it on a HP PC with Windows 10 License copy so no case of piracy also. Please help.

Thanks in advance


Sorry to correct that I have just now downloaded and tried to install but unable to begin installation on a genuine windows 64 bit HP Machine intel-Core 3, 4 GB RAM and more than 200 GB of free space in C drive.

Welcome aboard! You may be expecting a Windows installer, which Fritzing does not have. The install procedure is to unzip the install file on to drive C: typically in a directory called Fritzing (here a couple of levels down:)


which has a file Fritzing.exe. Double clicking on that will launch Fritzing, and right clicking on it and sendto Deskltop (create shortcut) will create a desktop icon (although perhaps not on Win10 come to think of it, this is Win7, about to become Linux as I dislike Win10 :slight_smile: ) will launch the application.


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Okay thanks, I will try this in my PC. Though, it has started working in my laptop.