Ubunto Studio 16.04 on System 76 Lemur- Migrating beginner

I have a new laptop.How do I upgrade to 0.9.3b ?

I replaced an OS X desktop and laptop with an Ubuntu 16.04 system pre installed on Lemur by System 76.

I used Ubuntu Studio fresh install on the above 2 with Fritzing in a directory to create and test simple 4 LED circuit for use with scale model race cars for indicating start and win on 2 lanes.

I installed the Ubuntu Studio meta and XFCE as I was used to them on the previous systems.

Before packing up the old systems I moved the files to the new laptop.

They call up and work with repository installed 0.9.2 beta.
I saw the update available and have been trying to figure how to put the new files where they are in the repository version.
They are scattered in the extracted zip file so I abandoned that effort before I started.
There was lib/Fritzing size 9.1M file as it was in /usr/bin/Fritzing size 8.8M modification date 12/15/15
Also all the QT5 5.6.0 are included in lib directory where I have 5.5.1 installed from repository.
I moved the extracted filetree to /opt as simultaneous installation during testing.

I then tried the source github and there is no make or configure so wonder how to build and install from source.

Is there an install and build document or script somewhere (yet) ?
Is there a repository / PPA to use (yet) ?

Excuse my questions as I am new to this process and trying to design and build Arduino circuit for training K-12 students.