Two dumb questions - +5B and grnd plane

Hi there - I’m totally new to Fritzing and pretty new to electronics, so please forgive my ignorance.

  1. How can I add a symbol that corresponds to +5V/VCC - similar to the standard symbol for ‘Grnd’ (a series of parallel lines, forming a simple triangle)? I’d like it so thatI can use this symbol where appropriate, without having to draw an explicit connection.

  2. In the PCB view, why can’t I seen the Grnd/earth wiring? Is it because it forms the bulk of the PCB?

With thanks for any help!

I don’t think those are dumb question… Everyone need some practice on fritzing to understand all the feature…

I’m not sure if I can help you out with this clearly… Let’s try…
Here is My answer,

  1. There are VCC & GND symbols available in core parts schematic view. In the image I made two simple circuit with them.
    Those are proper GND & VCC connection.

It’ll automatically create nested connections between same GND & VCC in every view.


  1. I’m not sure what are you actually want to see for GND wiring. Are you talking about ground fill the PCB?

Let me know, if this what are you looking for or not…

Hi Arnab - thanks fro your help. Thanks to your advice I was able to find +5V/VCC in the core parts section. I had been trying to use the search facility and neither ‘+5V’ nor ‘VCC’ return anything :frowning:. As for my second point, I think I must’ve been having a ‘senior moment’ - I can see the ground wiring now!