Trying to modify and cannot export as svg

I am trying to modify an RFID rc522 that has different pinouts to the one I am using but I cannot export the current one as an svg.
All steps to export as svg seem to work but the file is empty.
When I attempt to do this, the file is empty when I try to import it in inkscape.
I can export as jpg or pdf.

You would need to tell us how you are exporting it and provide a link to the part you are trying to export. That said the easiest way is to unzip the .fzpz file for the part which will give you the .fzp file and the 3 or 4 svg files.


Export as svg from a Fritzing sketch will generate an image of the Fritzing view. Not a specific part. An empty export means either there are no parts in that view, or the parts that are there are broken. That type of broken can be caused by an svg file (for the view) missing a layer tag.

Export as svg from a view in Parts editor should work, but that is ‘picture’ of that view of the part. It is not exactly the svg file that is used to create the part. I have not seen an empty svg generated that way, but it is not an option I use either (except just now to test).

To get the actual “part” svg files, you need to extract them from the part file. The fzpz that Peter mention. To get the that, you need to save the part. Use “Save as new part” from the Part Editor File menu, and follow the prompts to save the file. The part svg files, plus the fzp definition file are in the fzpz file that is saved. It is just a renamed zip file, and zip can be used to extract the individual files.

Thanks microMerlin,
That worked perfectly.
Now I can make custom parts.