Trouble finding desktop icon

I am a new user (downloaded this morning) but do not seem to have done it correctly
I cannot get a desktop icon for Fritzing on my start-up screen to open the main body of the Fritzing Programme
I am running Windows 10
Help would be appreciated

Installation (as you probably noticed :slight_smile: ) isn’t via an installer and doesn’t create a desktop icon by default. To make one navigate to the directory where Fritzing was installed, right click on fritzing.exe and click send to desktop which will create a desktop icon (at least on Win 7 which I’m using, I’ less sure of 10 …)


Thanks for your valued assistance… I will have another attempt at installing the software today.

The files had been downloaded … my problem was actually locating them

Do a search for Fritzing.exe, and shortcut it to desktop.

Thanks Old Grey… After a lot of struggling yesterday I now think I have, at least, mastered how to find the programme,
However, another problem arises… this laptop has only a relatively small screen and when I start a new sketch the PARTS appear squashed into the right hand edge of the screen.
Is their an easy way of expanding the PARTS screen?
I have a larger laptop and their is no problem with a slightly larger screen. Incidentally I download Fritzing and placed an icon on this larger computer in about 10 to 15 minutes.
However, I would prefer to work on my smaller screen computer … I tend to keep this particular machine for this sort of work.
Any help would be appreciated.

I think its just the case of inexperience… need to watch some Fritzing videos

I’m not sure about screen size, but I think there was a post about it. Maybe do a search.

There wasn’t many FZ videos when I started, hopefully there is more now.

You can grab the left edge of the panel and drag the window out to get more space, but I don’t think you can change the font size. One caution when looking at documentation and videos: many of them are for older versions of Fritzing and may not apply to the current version. If you have questions feel free to ask here, since a lot of this stuff is being passed around in here (and isn’t otherwise written down).


Thanks to both of you… I was almost abandoning my effort to install Fritzing on Sunday but spurred on by yourselves I have now got it up and running.

Perhaps a few small problems but I am quite sure these will be gradually ironed out.
I will certainly ask for assistance if and when needed.

I have also been running (approximately three years) a quite expensive piece of software called Aspire (designing and production software for CNC machining) and I find their forum also very helpful. If America is awake then one can expect a reply within an hour
Thanks once again

Joseph aka Squeaky

I was thinking about doing a FZ usage tutorial, but I don’t actually use it that much any more. I have actually spent more time trying to make parts - hence my part making tutorials -, than making circuits. There is a lot of tricks to FZ, unfortunately the guy that is an expert user doesn’t make user tutorials.