TI Launchpad TM4C123GXL

Version v0.9
TI-Launchpad-TM4C123GXL-v0.9.fzpz (39.1 KB)

Hi tebachi,

I took a quick look at your TI-Lanchpad… Your breadboard view looks nice… but, you have a few unassigned pins in your schematic view… you need to bus your GNDs… and all of the pins are mislabeled in your pcb.svg. I believe your breadboard.svg is fine although I did not check it real close but it does look really good… :frowning:

Yeah, un-assigned pins. 62 over 2 views PCB/SCH
I don’t know if it matters but when you place it on a breadboard it doesn’t connect to it and light up the rows green.

Just a quick look by eye it looks like it was made in a 0.100" grid so it’s dimensionally accurate - the biggest problem I find when people make parts -, so good work there.

That’s why it’s only version v0.9: I only looked at the breadboard view.
I hope I have time to finish this part and add schematic and PCB info. For the moment it’s only useful in breadboard view…

Just a question: do you use this part (because you have it in real live, too) or have you just looked if the constraints are sufficiant?

I’m not smart enough to understand that, but the PCB view has to be dimensionally accurate so the part will fit on the board, the SCH just has to be a representation - I usually get the svg from other parts -, and the BB is preferred to be a graphical representation - the prettier the better if you have the time to make it that way -.

I have looked at the TI Launchpad line… quite extensive… At present time I don’t have any of the Launchpad products. It is on my wish list… just not sure where I want to start… :smirk:

There is a little bit of a learning curve on making new parts for Fz., so I help out the best I can on shortening that learn curve. Fz has the three views that all work together (breadboard, schematic, and pcb). If the Fz part does not work properly then people won’t use it, so I help out teaching makers on how to make parts for Fz and fixing new parts for their projects.

If you need help or have any questions, I would be glad to be of assist.

As someone new is attempting to use this part, I have implemented most of steelgoose’s suggestions to make a mostly working part (pcb is still entirely non functional though). I’m choosing to post it here so anyone searching for this part will find a more complete one and will redirect the new user here to pick up a copy.

TI Launchpad TM4C123GXL_fixed.fzpz (37.5 KB)


As someone has submitted a new part that has problems, I came back to this part (which previously had a non fuctioning pcb view) and corrected it to be a fully functional part ready to be submitted to core, which I will do in due course. As I changed the pin numbers to be in sequence this part has a new moduleId as it isn’t compatible with the fixed part above.

edit: Found a new (to me at least) Fritzing bug. Font family “DroidSans” (originally used here) is not the same as “‘Droid Sans’”. In Fritzing "DroidSans renders one character in 4 longer than the same text in “‘Droid Sans’”. I had adjusted the schematic svg spacing to remove the difference, but I have now corrected the font family (and will add the error to FritzingCheckPart) so the svg spacing is correct in the svg and in Fritzing. Please redownload this part if you have loaded it in the last 14 hours …

TI Launchpad TM4C123GXL_complete.fzpz (39.1 KB)

Note all the non connector populated debug pads are present in this version as well.