Small Part single-line stripboard connector

Hi everybody,

I’m using Fritzing for documtation of a “beradboarded” project. I will not create a PCB from it. This project has maybe 8-10 parts which are modules, Those parts are connected through screwterminals. I prefer a documentantation in the breadboard-View. Each module needs to be connected to a 5V powersupply.
On circuit-schematics a branch in a wire that must be connected is drawn with a dot.

So I want to connect the breadboard-view-wires in the same way “branching”

I tried to set the size of stripboard to 1 row 3 columms but this did not work.

It is great that fritzing has so many parts build in. But the searchfunction is kind of poor.

Does there exist a part that works like two, three or four-whole single-line strip-board?

best regards Stefan

SCH view is a simplified representation of a circuit that can use junction dots, but BB view was intended as real life so you can’t join a wire in the middle without some sort of connection thing, ie, maybe a one pin header. If you don’t mine that the the wires aren’t really connected in FZ, ie, for tutorials, you can just bend a wire and sit the other wire on it.