Simulate k thermocouple

Hello this si my first time here

Im trying to simulate max6657 with arduino nano, i found max6675 and arduino nano in frtzing but I don’t know how to simulate the thermocouple could you help me with that any idea how can I do it?.

Assuming by simulate you mean create a circuit design (as fritzing doesn’t do simulations) there is a connector (but no thermocouple) part in this thread:

You could just assume you thermocouple will connect to the referenced connector.


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That part is not 100% right, never got round to finishing it as the part was out of stock for three months or to expensive. If when making pcbs they just pick the nearest drill size then it may work out ok.

I don’t think there would be a problem adding two holes in the board and directly soldering the wires so long as you don’t need to remove it.