shift level Change numbers (Bredboard)

As I said before, I made the numbers of the TXS0108 modified with Inkscape and as TXS0108-new.svg.
Question: how and where will this new component be inserted in Frizting?
How should I do this? The commanded “import as svg” I do not think?
Many Thanks

IF it is the numbers that appear when you mouse over the terminal then you can right click on the part and open it in the parts editor and change the labels.

If it is the numbers in the picture of the part you want to change then you would need to open the part in the editor as above but this time you need to export the image as an SVG and then edit the SVG and import the edited SVG back into the editor to replace the current image and then save it as a new part. You will then need to replace the part in your sketch with the new part you just saved.