Resonator Part Creation - Murata CSTNE16M0V530000B0

I find many crystal/resonators shown in the parts bin, but I cannot find a footprint/part for a 3.2 x 1.3mm resonator such as used on Arduino nano boards. The part number is Murata CSTNE16M0V530000B0 for the 16MHz resonator. I’m just a beginner and I’m just starting to become familiar with the parts creator.

Does anyone know if such a pcb footprint/part has been created for this device in Fritzing?

In the core parts bin search for resonator drag the three terminal one in to pcb view (or any other view) then in inspector (the lower right window) in the package pulldown select resonator-smd. That appears to be the correct foot print for the referenced part. Many parts are generic in nature so you probably won’t find an exact part number unless the part is fairly unique. You need to find a part that has the appropriate footprint.


Hi Peter…your direction was spot on! I had missed the fact that some parts have a packaging option under the inspector window and hadn’t seen the SMD option. Now what I am having trouble with is finding the actual dimensions on the part in the “parts bin”. When looking at inspector, I cannot find the dimensions for the pads or leads (pad-to-pad spacing) and overall pad dimensions.

I grabbed the pcb svg file and used Inkscape to check and measure the footprint. I was lazy and cloned the part with parts editor and exported it as an fzpz and unzipped that to get the fzp and svg files but you can also look in the parts repo directory, but then you need to figure our what the svg filename is. I find the export method easier usually. Perhaps someone else has a different and possibly better way to do the same thing. There is still lots I don’t know about fritzing :slight_smile: .


You can drag the part out to the PCB view and then use the ruler from the core parts bin to measure the pads right in Fritzing