Request - 18650 Battery Holder

This is the battery holder I have. Many thanks for your help.

Created an image for breadboard view and schematic.

That was the easy bit. Now trying to figure out how to edit an existing part to make this one, so any help gratefully received.

If you upload you breadboard svg (you need to rename it from .svg to .fzpz because svg upload is usually broken, then upload via 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) I’ll make a part. The breadboard view is the most work.


Not sure how to rename it as a .fzpz file so tried to upload the svg.

The frtizing gods smiled on you and the svg uploaded (you need to right click on it and “save link as” to download it. All you need to do is change the file name from .svg to .fzpz (and tell us it is really an svg). The forums do fine with fzpz files but sometimes can’t render the svg (especially if it is complex). I’ll upload a part in a bit.


Many thanks Peter. You are a star.

OK done. As always you should print out the footprint and check it against a real part before ordering a board. The schematic (copied from the standard battery) is a little off but it matches all the rest in core :slight_smile: .

18650 battery holder.fzpz (11.6 KB)


Just for your information.
You would put a 2 pin header in a FZ view, because the holder is 2 pin, and save that as a new part. Then you would Edit that part and add the svgs to the views, assign pins, add Meta, and save it.

Many many thanks Peter. Now to import it.

I have downloaded the fzpz file, but on opening it there is nothing there? I opened it via 7 Zip to look at it, but all there is is a breadboard? What am I doing wrong? Do I need to put the files in the fzpz file somewhere so Fritzing will recognise it as a part? I have never imported a part before so please excuse my total newbyness. :slight_smile: Thanks

You import it into your MINE bin.

Do I just put the file in that folder?

I usually right-click MINE bin, but I think it gets put in the bin if you open it with FZ File/Open too.

Perfect. Worked first time and fits like a dream. I had been putting on single header pins on my board and using pcb’s sized to fit the dimensions to place the parts then deleting them. It was so much hassle so figured it must be easier if I used a proper part. Many thanks Peter. I’m sure this will be of use to others. Is there a way to save it somewhere?

It will stay here in the forums and may eventually make it in to core if I submit it.


I’m sure others would find it useful. Many thanks and it is in My Parts. :slight_smile: