Registry Mod To Change Default Save/Folders Location?

Hello All,

New to the forum here and just installed Fritzing.

I would like to change the default save folder. I read the post by Vanepp about how to get Fritzing to switch directories but I don’t really like doing that. Does anyone know where it can be changed directly in the windows registry? If it’s not known or other default folders / directories are not possible, how about at least the default save folder?

Any help is appreciated

I’m afraid it’s my way or a source code change. AFAIK the paths are hard coded in the binary, not in the registry.


Right. I searched and wasn’t able to find anything (in reg). Thanks for the reply anyway.
It would be nice to have an option in preferences to change the default location.

In your way of doing it, did the directories have to be labeled “My Documents” for Fritzing to find it? Or can it be anything?

The link has to be in My Documents, because that is where Fritzing is looking for the frtizing directory, but the frtizing directory itself can be anywhere although it needs to be called fritzing because the full path is hard coded I believe.


Hi! It’s been a couple of months since this thread (and some others on the topic) were started. Has the bug of hardcoded ~/Fritzing since been fixed, even if it involves modifying some configuration file?

Nope that situation is still the same as far as I know. What do you want to do exactly and I’ll see if I can suggest something.


Maybe this questions should somewhere else, but what is the default directory for the parts that come with the default installation on a Mac OS?

from the part file format doc (


on the Mac.


Thanks Peter, Somehow I have the program all messed up.

I can now live with the problem.

You may be best to back up all your sketches and parts, then clear the two user directories then re import all your sketches and parts. If the database gets corrupted, it tends to stay corrupted and things may not work I tend to export copies of parts and sketches in progress to a directory outside fritzing so that I can clear the databases if I need to.