Regarding designing/ordering a motion detection sensor


I am a beginner and would like to create a motion detection sensor based on small arduino with PIR sensor and bluetooth low energy, but I don’t have an experience of designing a schematic or PCB. I can do a little bit of arduino programming on Arduino IDE, but I just need somebody to provide a sensor with which I can play around.

Can Fritzing design a PCB/make a sensor and ship it to me?

I am not sure if someone has had a same situation like this.

Thanks for any tip or help.

Why don’t you just order a sensor off of eBay… it would be a lot cheaper… :relaxed:

I thought about buying one off the shelve, but it is because I would like to upload some proprietary code into the arduino. And also there are more business requirements, so I might have to play around with it. And I don’t have any experience of designing PCB or schematic. I am an application developer.