Question re - RJ45 w/LEDs

Do we have a part for RJ45 with LEDs? I see some notes about Magjack , not all 8 pins, I see a RJ45 part that has LEDs on it but it is called Magjack
There is a TRXCOM1 that looks promising?

My design is pretty open, was just looking to move to RJ45 ports with LEDs.
Another thing, does anyone have any specs on the LEDs in the RJ45 jacks? is there some standard?
When I was shopping around for some, could not find ANY info about the LEDs contained within.


A google search for fritzing part rj45 turns up some hits (which may or may not have leds.) Your best bet would be to select the part you want to use and then look for a Fritzing part that matches the data sheet (as I don’t know if the led pin outs are standard or not.) The LEDs should be in the data sheet for the part (assuming it has a data sheet of courses, some of the ebay et. al. ones probably don’t.) Otherwise they should be standard leds that want between 5 and 20ma to light (the data sheet should give a max current and possibly a suggested current.) If you can’t find a part and do have a pin out you need it is easy enough to make a new part.


Yes, strange. My source is DigiKey. The datasheets contain a lot of information (even LED polarity) but no mention of forward voltage, ma’s …

OK, I found one set of specs on page2 ,

LED forward DC current: 20mA typical
LED forward Voltage: 1.9 Volts max. @ 2mA (for single colors)
2.6 Volts max. @ 20mA (for Bi-colors)
LED reverse voltage: 5 Volts minimum
LED light intensity: 0.4 to 1.5 mcd @ 2mA (for single colors)
0.5 mcd min. @ 2mA (for Bi-colors)
LED wave length: Yellow: 587± 7 nm measured @ 20mA
Green: 565± 6 nm measured @ 20mA
Red: 625± 5 nm measured @ 20mA

I think I got this.

I’d guess that 2ma is the usual run current and 20ma is the max. Try one at 2ma and see if the leds are bright enough for what you need. If you can find a Fritzing part that matches the footprint, you can use that. If there isn’t one, if you post the datasheet I can modify a part to match.