Problem updating 0.9.6

I’m getting the folowing error message when I check for updates:


When I remove read only it still fails and the folder shows read only again when I got back into it.

Any ideas how I can sort this out? Thanks

I answered this either here or on github, but can’t find the answer right now. So here it is again. You need to add write permissions for users to the parts repository folder in Program Files (by default it is read only, so updates won’t work.)

I clicked the edit button and gave it full control (and have since updated so it is back to read only!) At the moment it doesn’t matter because no one has made any parts updates in the last year or so, but if an update comes out this will need to be done to install it (or you can run Fritzing as administrator which can do the update, but that may not be advisable I would change the permissions on the parts repo …)


I see, thank you.

I had thought that this would update the whole programme to the latest version rather than just the parts. How do you do that without paying again and downloading the complete programme again? Thanks

It used to do that, but I think that has been dropped in the latest versions. I had to download 0.9.9 and install it, there wasn’t an offer to update it from the update process.


Thanks. Does that mean you have to pay each time?

I don’t know (I’m not part of the development team.) I believe the idea is a donation lasts for a year, but I don’t know for sure. You need ask that of the admin contact, there is an email address in the paypal receipt that should get to him.